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EE Vehicle Update and Test Engineer Job Update

EE Vehicle Update and Test Engineer
Required Qualifications
    • Minimum level of education required and required field of study:
      Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering (mechanical, computer, computer science, mechatronics, electrical, etc)
    • Minimum skills required :
      Organizational and Leadership Skills: ability to organize people, budget, logistics, data, parts and workshop workflows within the TechCenter, as well as with the customer departments, functional teams, and management in Germany. Ability to lead MBRDNA workshops through advanced troubleshooting procedures. Ability to lead groups on test drives.

      Automotive Development Knowledge: Good understanding of vehicle development process, system development process, liability and quality requirements, knowledge of automobile technology, vehicle electrical and onboard communication architecture, assembly structure, modules and parts. Comprehensive knowledge of vehicle functions.

      Knowledge of common measurement and diagnostic tools (CANalyzer, CANape, DTS Monaco, Diagmera) and ability to analyze and interpret test and diagnostic data. Knowledge of ECU HW/SW functionality as part of a vehicle system.

      Analytic or systems engineering knowledge: Ability to learn troubleshooting strategies of complex CAN/LIN/Flexray Star2.x and Star3 vehicle systems in order to identify issues, analyze and determine failure root causes to evaluate and guide solutions and repair actions of test vehicle and prototype vehicle problems.

      Interpersonal and Team skills: Experience in intercultural environment, German language skills favored to read and understand project requirements and communicate with counterparts in Germany. Must be able to independently build up working relationships with intra-company expert departments in Germany, Austria, and North America in order to address all hardware and software topics.

      Project Management Skills: Ability to independently generate parallel plans and identify milestones necessary to reach individual and overall project targets.

    • Will accept equivalent work experience in lieu of formal education
    • Minimum years of experience required:
      2-4 years
    • Combination of Degree and Years of experience acceptable (minimum) :
      Bachelors + 2 yrs / Masters + 0 yrs
  • Other licenses or certifications required :
Driver’s license.
Ability to test drive vehicles
Preferred Qualifications:
German language skills, written and spoken
Familiar with vehicle troubleshooting, Daimler diagnostic tools, project management.
Master’s degree with emphasis in Computer, Mechatronics or Electrical Engineering.
Organization : Mercedes-Benz Research & Development North America, Inc.

Primary Location : United States of America-California-Long Beach

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