April 8, 2020

5 Tips for Rush Hour Safety Your Should Know

Do you know that the word “rush hour”. have lead so many live to death ? When you are in end-to-end traffic, no one will be in a hurry to leave, even if they wish. rush hour traffic has one of the highest rate of accidents and false benders ,rush hour problems can be solved or reduce with this simple common sense listed below

5 Tips for Rush Hour Safety Your Should Know Source:  Imgur

1 Pay attention: Of course, you should do it every time you’re driving, but it’s even more important during peak hours. Concentrate not only on the car in front of you, but also on the cars in the lanes next to you. It’s a good idea to keep track of what’s happening on several car lengths as it can help you avoid future problems.

2 Use your mirrors: Your awareness of what is going on a heavy traffic should also include the vehicles behind you. Check inner mirrors and side mirrors always, especially when traffic slows down. You might consider wide-angle mirrors or blind spots, especially if you drive a big truck or an SUV.

3 Merge safely: Always use your signals light to inform other drivers when you need to change lanes,

4 Be Nice: Treat other drivers like you like to be treated. Let other drivers over when they need to merge, and let them know it’s okay with a little sideways flip of the hand. When someone else lets you in, always give them the “thank you” wave. It’ll make you feel better and make the other driver feel good.

5 Don’t Be distracted: Yes, being stuck in rush hour is boring and frustrating. Don’t get so bored that you start fooling around with your phone, twiddling the radio excessively or looking for things in the car. It only takes a second for the driver in front of you to stop abruptly… and then you stop abruptly by rear-ending him.

Source: shop.advanceautoparts.com

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