April 8, 2020

Things Your Should Consider When Buying A Car Battery


Car batteries are electrical storage units that convert chemical energy into electrical energy. The basics of running a car battery have not changed much in 70 years. Your car’s battery is made of lead-acid; The acid, or electrolyte, reacts with the lead plates inside the battery to produce electricity

Things Your Should Consider When Buying A Car Battery

Note, it takes more power to turn a big motor than a small motor, so your battery needs to be sized and sized. Current vehicles also support much more demanding electrical loads generated by many computers, modules and accessories and will need a battery powerful enough for these systems to work. Overloading a car battery by installing one too small to meet all the demands of vehicle power can cause the reaction to the electrolyte to fail.

The automotive battery electrolyte is composed of sulfuric acid and water. When the battery discharges, the positive and negative lead plates become lead sulphate and the electrolyte loses much of its sulfuric acid which becomes water. When charging, the negative plate is composed of lead and the positive plate of lead dioxide, the electrolyte taking up its acidity. Be careful when handling car batteries, as acid, as well as any residue accumulated on the battery terminals, is corrosive. Always wear eye and hand protection when working with batteries.

The booster amplifier (CA) is the measure of the starting power of the battery. Choose a car battery that meets the vehicle’s requirements by consulting with the owner of your vehicle or its repair manual.

Cold start amps (ACCs) are the measure of AC at 32 º F or 0 ºC. If you live in a colder climate, this is an important consideration. At subfreezing temperatures, many batteries can only provide about 50-60% of their starting amps because the chemical process in the battery cells is actually slowed down and compromised.

Maintenance-free automotive batteries are about the norm today, compared to conventional batteries that required monitoring of the electrolyte level and the periodic addition of distilled water.

The terminals or terminals of the car battery are located on the side or top of the battery. Keep them clean and protected from corrosion for optimum performance using a battery terminal spray and a terminal cleaning brush. source: shop.advanceautoparts.com

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